Igbo Private lesson

Learn Igbo with a seasoned and experienced foreign language expert. Your customised lesson will afford you the opportunity to learn at your pace and focuse on your learning objective. Registering with us gives us access to our Igbo learners community. At Igbo learners community you get to meet other learners and interact with them. Booting camps are organised from time to time at a token. 

You can't afford to miss this opportunity!


Igbo group conversation classs

Get an opportunity to learn Igbo in a group. Conversations are centerd around daily life activities which enables the learners to practice every day conversation.


Understand Igbo people, language & Culture

This book explains in simple terms the things a beginner in learning Igbo needs to understand about Igbo language, its people and culture.


This will help to facilitate his/her learning experience. The book gives a brief presentation of Igbo people, their origin and culture. It went further to explain the structure of Igbo language, its pronunciation pattern and orthography. The learner will understand how words are formed, spelt and verbs conjugated at beginners level.

Learn Igbo Words in a Flash by Dora Akaelu

This book contains over a hundred three-letter words in Igbo. The book teaches you how to spell and pronounce these words and also form simple sentences using these words. At the end of this book, you would have increased your vocabulary by a hundred per cent. There is a glossary of all the words and their English equivalence at the end.